Kids in classroom learning

Climate Change Education for Schools (CCES)

Climate Change Education for Schools (CCES) (In class/virtual)

We provide free climate change presentations to schools for kindergarten to grade 12 in Ontario. Our presentations are engaging and designed to engage children and youth accordingly. Students are empowered as we discuss steps we can take to minimize the effects of climate change.

Benefits of CCES 

Students in K to 12 are provided with a focused curriculum that focuses on environmental literacy which also challenges them to participate in hands on activities on a monthly basis. Introducing environmental programs to students in such fun ways will make them feel empowered to take simple steps in school and at home which will have a huge impact on our environment.

Program Delivery Method

Kindergarten to Grade 3: (30 minutes in length) 

Presentation format:

Climate change discussion with students

Read a storybook on Climate Change which explains how different places are trying to reduce the climate change impacts.

Short video on how to reduce climate change at home and school

Grade 4 to 6:

Presentation format: (50 minutes)

Presentation on what climate change is all about

Climate change Impacts with examples of what’s happening around the world

How to tackle climate change on a daily basis


Grade 7 to 12: (50 minutes)

Presentation on how climate change impacts us

Impacts in Ontario and the global community

Real solutions to reduce climate change in our daily lives.